With a 120-year history, YXLON is recognized as one of the pioneers of X.Ray technology in a wide range of industries around the world. In the late 90’s, the German company started to produce advanced tire inspection and control systems for development and has been very successful in this field. YXLON is now one of the most reputable and accurate manufacturers of inspection and control systems in the world, and the company’s machinery is an integral part of the finishing of tire factories.

Highlights of YXLON machines:

  • Use the highest quality and most up-to-date sensors and components.
  • Highest quality and resolution of images and related reports.
  • Very high accuracy of device output.
  • Equipped with the most advanced automatic tire defect detection software.
  • Extensive after-sales service network worldwide.
  • Suitable for all sizes of tires produced in the world.
  • Ability to archive advanced images and reports.

This X-Ray machine is fully modular and is designed for inspection and quality control of tires at the end of tire production lines and is available in two models for different tire sizes and types. High quality images along with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability in this device, any possible defects, including the placement of different layers of the tire, the presence of foreign objects and…. Shows. Yxlon plays a leading role in the tire industry, selling more than 350 units worldwide, including 160 in China and 50 in the United States.


This device is designed to perform X-Ray tests on a tire mounted on a wheel. This device, while enjoying the possibility of easy use, the latest radiographic technology, modern design of the device and reducing time and cost, also guarantees high output accuracy. This device is used to perform pressure tests and check for possible defects in the way the crown is placed on the wheel, brittle conditions and various underlying layers, tire walls and… using X-rays.

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