HF TIRE TECH GROUP with more than 160 years of  experience in the production of various machines used in various industries, including the tire industry in this field is known as a leading company in the world.

The types of products and services of this company can be divided as Follows


The growing expectation of the industry in both aspects of product quality improvement as well as increased production capability, has led HF Tire Tech Group to develop tire-making machines with modular design and very high quality.

These machines are easy to operate and maintain, can be upgraded, and are suitable for making passenger tires from 14 inches to 20 inches and SUV tires and light trucks up to 24 inches.

HF company with more than 500 tire building machines active in the most prestigious tire manufacturing factories around the world, today, by combining the experience and knowledge of more than a thousand specialists with 15 different nationalities, a huge change in making tire-building machines to produce.

All types of tires with the highest quality and lowest time and cost of production could be produced by this machinery. Among them, we can mention modular tire building machines with very high quality and function and the ability to update and maintain easily as one of the newest products of this company.

Highlights of HF Tire Building Machines:

  • Modular design based on the latest technology in the world.
  • Fully automatic machines for producing all kinds of tires.
  • Tire production up to 1600 tires per day.
  • Ability to produce passenger tires up to 24 inches
  • Short time to resize profile.
  • Ability to replace three drum frames without shaft replacement
  • Easy to operate and maintain.                       
  • Ability to increase efficiency by installing complementary models
  • Round-trip shut-offs.
  • Cohesive design and long life.
  • Fully automatic system for emptying the green tire and placing the moths.

For the past 50 years, this company has always been the manufacturer of the most advanced and up-to-date tire cooking machines in the world. HF as the first manufacturer of hydraulic presses in 1972 and with more than 4000 active presses with great variety in dimensions and technical specifications in accordance with the wishes of customers in the most advanced tire production lines around the world while combining high manufacturing technology and using the highest quality The materials and components used in the baking presses, along with the latest control systems, are ready to provide machines for new factories, development projects, as well as for replacement with old presses.

Highlights of HF Tire Curing Machines:

  • Compatible with the latest technology
  • Ability to produce all sizes of tires produced in the world with the highest quality and the latest technology
  • Continuous development and improvement of machines by the company’s mechanical, electronics, and computer engineers worldwide
  • Utilizing the highest level of control systems and automation
  • Utilizing intelligent engineering solutions such as quick mold and blade replacement
  • Using the latest technology to optimize production time and the highest uniformity of production tires
  • Low maintenance cost due to the use of parts with anti-corrosion capability
  • Complies with the latest production requirements in various technologies and the latest safety standards
  • Full compliance with the latest environmental standards in the world
  • Perform all tests at the factory site before delivery
  • Optimal and durable design
  • Easy installation
  • Build more than 200 presses per year
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