TOWARDS 45 YEARS OF INNOVATION WITH INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS FOR COMPLETE MANAGEMENT OF THE CUTTING ROOM BRAND VALUES IMA has been manufacturing Cutting Room Solutions since 1977 thanks to vision and fortitude of people who every day contribute to the development and continuity of this all-Italian company. Consistent engagement in new challenges and passion for growth and improvement allows us to be global market leader and Italian standard of Excellence. Research and quality, flexible products line and customer service are the backbone of IMA. These values, coupled with listening to customer input, drive our business and permit us to offer the best products and service possible. Looking beyond, always focused on our future and on new targets is the character that distinguishes our company Our 44 years experience is strongly based on a technological approach that allows us to develop cutting-edge products. HISTORY IMA is an Italian capital company founded in 1977 in Turin. Then it transferred its production site in Palazzolo s/O in the province of Brescia where in 2017 celebrated the 40 years of activity expanding the Headquarter which today covers 9.000 sqm. Flexibility, dynamism and energy of a small company are perfectly combined with strength, organization and solidity of a large industrial group, creating a rare and virtuous equilibrium which allows IMA to become a consolidated company in Italy and worldwide thanks to its ability in offering advanced and customized solutions. IMA has consolidated over the years a position of absolute international leadership in offering the widest range of automated machinery and equipment for the garment industry and not only (specialized in handling and management systems of cloth rolls, digital spreading solutions, labelling machines, automatic cutting machines and software programs for the complete organization of the cutting room) IMA’s range of products is aimed to provide full support in the work flow, as well as ensuring a completeness of solutions that become a point of arrival, but also a stimulus for continued research and development and growth from our customers side. INSPIRED BY INNOVATION After being pioneers of digital technology with the creation of the first full-digital spreading machine we are now pioneers of Industry 4.0 with our latest creation: “Syncro Cutting Room” which is a web-based application that can be used by any device that is connected to Internet through which it is possible to have a full control of you Cutting Room. A dedicated project-team follows the development of each new projects before proceeding to final production. Electronic, informatics and mechanical engineers among the most experienced in the world work with a common target: to ensure innovative and high-tech products, reliable and specifically configured to the specific needs of the customers.

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