The Italian company Fortec has over 40 years of experience in designing, producing, selling, and installing advanced ecological plants to manage the hospital, municipal and industrial waste. Among the advantages of this company is the ability to produce waste incinerators for any type of waste and incinerators for customer needs. The products of this company are very high quality and reliable and have high efficiency. The production devices of this company have full CE approval and are by the latest health, environmental, and construction laws.


These devices have static or fixed combustion chambers (unlike the EXEC, which was a portable model) or multi-stage to eliminate low-calorific value wastes.

Technical information:

  • Working temperature is between 850 to 1100 ° C.
  • The incineration capacity is between 40 and 600 kg of waste per hour.
  • Removal of volatile organic matter (VOCs) by the post-combustion chamber.

Advantages of Excotec :

  • Fully controlled and automatic cycle
  • The lowest gas emission
  • The energy recovery system from the combustion chamber, by optimizing fuel consumption, saves high operational savings compared to conventional ovens. It can also be combined at a very low cost with other energy recovery systems for applications such as water heaters and steam generators.
  • This combustion chamber also has a secondary combustion chamber to remove contaminants. A dry depuration system can be combined with this system.

To eliminate hospital and industrial wastes especially waste with low calorific value (LCV)

Technical Information:

  • Insulation with calcium silicate and concrete with aluminum oxide that can withstand temperatures above 1600 degrees.
  • HT-Z ceramic fiber door and stainless steel clamps.
  • The volume of the ovens is from 0.4m3 to 10m3.
  • Burning capacity for the minimum volume: 30 kg per hour.

Advantages of EXCE OS:

  • Multiple efficiencies for burning any type of waste.
  • Easy addition of waste due to the special mode of the door design that is installed in the upper part (ability to automate the system of loading and removing waste)
  • Ovens can be installed on the trailer for easy transport.
  • Waste is incinerated at temperatures above 1000 ° C to remove all contaminants and the output of the ash process is pure.
  • The gases from the primary fuel waste enter the secondary combustion chamber and are burned at temperatures above 1100 ° C until they are completely oxidized to form DIOXINs.
  • The heat in the incinerators is evenly distributed and complies with DIRECTIVE 2000/76 / EC standards.
  • These incinerators have ISO9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015 standards.

This device has a rotary combustion chamber and operates in such a way that all the waste is completely burned without any residue and the maximum heat reaches all parts of the waste. This device is suitable for managing and discharging dry and wet waste.

Technical Information:

  • Operating temperature between 850 to 1000 ° C.
  • The volume of the ovens is from 0.9m3 to 6m3.
  • Burning capacity for the minimum volume: 100 kg per hour.

Advantages of Rotomac:

  • The ergonomics of this device are such that it can accelerate the process of dewatering waste, which reduces fuel consumption compared to fixed-type incinerators.
  • Each rotary incinerator has a post-combustion chamber that controls waste incineration by the latest European standards.
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