Comerio Ercole with 130 years of experience in manufacturing industrial machinery, especially calendars in the field of tire, plastic, and non-woven, always offers the best ideas and the latest technologies to its customers. Comorio calenders and mill’s along with advanced mixers and roller head makes this company a leader in the world industry. At present, 12 complete lines of Comerio calendars and a large number of Comerio rolls have been installed in tire factories and other rubber industries in Iran. Comerio’s types of machinery are based on the latest technology in the world and can fully adapt to customers’ technology. its calenders could be divided into three general categories: Tire cord calender, Steel cord calender, Dual calenders with the ability to use both tire cord and steel cord.

Types of products and services can be divided as follows:

    • Using the best materials, latest production technology, and using the advanced hardening system.
    • Utilization of ultra-precise hydraulic system to adjust the rolls gap and the online monitoring and correction system based on the feedback received by the system from different parts of the line.
    • Advanced control system that continuously monitors all production elements and displays them, has also the ability to provide a variety of reports and charts requested by the customer.
    • Using the most reputable and reliable brands of mechanical and electronic parts and complete flexibility to benefit from the brands considered by customers.
    • Fully automatic and advanced temperature monitoring and control system in all stages of the process.

Relying on its technical knowledge and extensive experience in various industries, including the rubber industry, Comerio has started to make mixers with Tangential rotors in different volumes, from laboratory mixers to mixers with a volume of 270 liters.

Highlights of Comerio Internal mixer:

  • Using the latest rotor manufacturing technology and using an advanced cooling system.
  • Comprehensive control system with extensive capabilities in the mixer control room to monitor the process and perform process adjustments and corrections.
  • Use ROM hydraulic control systems and the possibility of using pneumatic systems according to customer requests.
  • High-quality parts and very easy maintenance.

Production and preparation of quality compounds in accordance with customer production technology and feeding of production machines such as extruders and calendars, requires the use of advanced and equipped mills that Comrio is a specialist in. 

Comerio with its latest active machines in all reputable manufacturing plants plays a valuable role in this field all over the world.

Highlights of Comerio rolls:

  • Types of machines with roll sizes diameter range of 300 to 3000 mm.
  • according to the technical needs of customers.
  • using the best materials and the most equipped machines in the world.
  • Advanced cooling system with very high efficiency.
  • Very strong safety system and in accordance with the latest European standards to protect the operator and the machine.
  • Advanced hydraulic system to control and adjust roll gaps.
  • using Stock Guide, Mill Feeder, Stock Blender systems.
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