Electronic System Company with more than 35 years of brilliant experience in the field of complex systems of measurement, scanners and industrial automation, especially in the tire, rubber and plastic industries is one of the leading European companies in this field. Electronic System started with its focus on industrial automation and design of drives and inverters widely used in various industries in Italy and training of experts and experienced engineers, and then with the development of technical units and native design in the field of measurement systems, It has made significant progress. In the 1980s, the company was able to design Beta-ray-based weight measurement systems and Z-Processors sensors and became the first Italian company to produce advanced measurement systems. One of the main fields of activity of Electronic System Company is the design and production of advanced thickness measurement systems for various systems in production lines. Electronic Systems’s measuring products are sold and installed in more than 500 units in Germany alone, and more than 90% of tire factories in China use electronic system products. Today, the company is one of the pioneers of this industry internationally with more than 2500 thickness gauge systems installed worldwide.

Types of products and services of this company can be divided as follows


Electronic Systems Company manufactures a variety of measurement systems with a variety of sensors, including IR air pressure, beta, X-ray, laser. The precision systems used in the company’s thickness gauge sensors are suitable for use in various industries. Along with advanced control systems, the company’s thickness gauge systems give manufacturers complete confidence to precisely control the production process.


  • The sensor can be personalized depending on specific needs required by the application:
  • Edges detector
  • Modification of the Gap through material passage and measurement Spot
  • Temperature probes for air compensation

The proprietary technology belongs to the electronics system, which is designed to measure the thickness of the product directly and without contact, and has the ability to measure accurately at the micron level.

It is equipped with an automatic calibration system. This system is suitable for use in various industries. Another type of these sensors called Essair ™ Reflex is produced in this company, which also has the possibility of one-way measurement.


  • It does not make use of any type of radioactive source.
  • Direct thickness measurement expressed in micron or mm.
  • No contact with the material.
  • Automatic calibration system.

It is a reflection thickness measuring system that provides a very accurate measurement of material thickness along the roll by placing it vertically on a variety of rolls and using movable arms.


  • Automatic reference roll tracking system.
  • Extremely durable and mechanically stable sensor-shift system. Protection against accidental contact with the material being measured.
  • Simple and compact structure with high shock resistance.
  • Suitable for industrial applications with a maximum machine width of 3.000 mm.

A thickness measuring equipment using a pneumatic system for direct and non-contact measurement. The system performs accurate measurements based on air return and advanced sensors with automatic positioning and calibration. This equipment can be used in the tire industry and all all other industries.


  • Automatic calibration with reference target.
  • Compact protective case designed for heavy-duty industrial environments.
  • Automatic positioning on the measurement point.
  • Protection of sensor in case of lumps or extra thickness.
  • Fast sensor replacement.
  • It does not make use of any type of radioactive sources

SWAN LASER is a reflection gauge engineered for direct thickness measurement. The gauge uses a combined technology Laser Inductive with a patented auto calibration method.


  • Automatic reference roll tracking system
  • Extremely durable and mechanically stable sensor shift system
  • Probe suitable to be pressurized to keep the LASER optics cleaned in heavy industrial environment
  • Protection against accidental contact with the material being measured
  • Simple and compact structure with high shock resistance
  • Suitable for measuring wide product in an extremely wide thickness range


Various industrial scanners of electronic systems have been designed and produced using the latest global technologies and relying on the years of experience of this company in the industry and full awareness of the needs of the industry. The world’s leading factories have been using this equipment for many years to guarantee the production process and quality.

An automatic scanner with a sliding sensor system, high mechanical stability, and balance, as well as the ability to adjust the inclination and speed of the sensor, is unique equipment for a wide range of industries. This scanner system has been used using the latest technology and the highest quality parts around the world.


  • Light supporting structure with stainless steel beams
  • Protection covers are easy to remove during the mechanical maintenance
  • Sensor sliding system with high mechanical and long-lasting stability
  • Easy to assemble: adjustable inclination

Reflex is an automatic scanner with a sensor sliding system that works using a reflection system relative to a reference roll that is synchronized with the speed of the production line and is quite suitable for use in harsh conditions due to its strong structure. This scanner is reliable equipment in many industries with easy maintenance and repair conditions and very high accuracy. REFLEX is an automatic scanning unit with “O frame” mechanical structure to measure in reflection mode. A reference roll, on which the material is leaning, is part of the structure.


  • Easy and compact structure with high resistance to mechanical vibrating stress.
  • Protection covers are easy to remove during
  • mechanical maintenance.
  • Sensor sliding system with high mechanical and long-lasting stability.
  • Rectified and balanced measurement roll, equipped with low friction bearings.
  • Easy to assemble: adjustable inclination.

This very light scanner has an integrated and innovative structure of Electronic System Company and is composed of a combination of stainless steel panels, sensors, and advanced equipment that offers the ability to scan in motion with the highest accuracy. Sensor speed according to operator settings Permissible can be changed. This scanner has been designed and presented to the global markets according to the needs of industries to use the best equipment in confined and weight-sensitive spaces.


  • Light supporting structure with steel tubular beams. Protection covers are easy to remove for mechanical maintenance.
  • Sensor sliding system with high mechanical and long-lasting stability.
  • Easy to assemble; adjustable pass-line angle.

This automatic scanner uses a reflectance system to act on the reference roll, which is synchronized with the line speed. This scanner is easy to assemble and it is very easy to fix possible defects in it. This system has all the features of the Slim Duplex system with a different method of scanning.


  • Light supporting structure with steel tubular beams
  • Protection covers are easily removed for mechanical maintenance
  • Balanced measurement roll, equipped with low friction bearings
  • Easily assembled; adjustable pass-line

This equipment is a direct thickness measurement system consisting of a single beam scanner with a bearing structure, reference roll, and airflow sensor. This system uses the unique ESSAIR sensors, which are innovations of Electronic systems for measuring thickness directly and have been installed on many installations around the world in the last 10 years. SWAN SA system is equipped with a steel pipe that is fixed on two supports, the support can be installed on any part of the production machine without any change in its structure and the measuring system is perpendicular to the end of the steel pipe. Will be installed. This system with the ability to measure up to a maximum width of 3000 mm product, is quite suitable for a wide range of industries, including the tire industry.


  • Automatic reference roll tracking system.
  • Extremely durable and mechanically stable sensor-shift system.
  • Protection against accidental contact with the material being measured.
  • Simple and compact structure with high shock resistance.
  • Suitable for industrial applications with maximum machine width of 3000 mm.

This system is an automated scanner for measuring in motion. This scanner is more than a traditional scanner in the industry because it uses a unique measurement method, in this method two sensors equipped with independent drive are installed on the scanner, which in addition to its inherent tasks have many benefits for system calibration, quality And has a production line response. This system with automatic calibration during production and also using the best quality equipment in the world is suitable equipment for various industries, including the tire industry.


  • Double read rate during scanning System designed to obtain accurate and fast automatic controls.
  • Self-calibration during production without interruption of reading.
  • Extremely stable sensor-shift systems with high mechanical life.
  • Completely fail-safe system: operating even with one sensor only.

With the increasing evolution of technology and quality requirements of production, online control of production process has become inevitable that the inspection systems of Electronic System Company not only meet these requirements in the best way but also guarantee the quality of products by preventing any defects in production.

Flex Feed system is a calender power control system that provides stable and reliable information about the amount of material between the calender rolls by using infrared thermographic cameras. Different infrared radiations provide a clear picture of the calender feeding conditions regardless of the color of the material.

This system can be connected to the feeding system to equalize the amount of feed-in different parts of the roll. This system also has other advantages such as displaying the temperature distribution at the material level and a system for backing up images for one year.

Flexfeed includes some useful additional features like the temperature distribution on the surface that can help to ensure better handling on the first step of production. The system backs up continuously a simple AVI file, with one image every 2 seconds, that provides access to all monitored production 24hours a day for one year.

Flexcord system is a special scanning device, with an X-ray emitter and a linear sensor. For steel cord – rubber production, it can to monitor continuously monitor the presence of steel cords inside the rubber production for tires.

The high system resolution allows to enables the measurement of the distance between each cord and the next one, so it can give giving an immediate alarm in the case where such distance exceeds the specification.

The Scaneye system of your microscope is on the production line. Scaneye is a scanning system with one or more cameras that performs a detailed analysis of the most detailed parts of production surfaces online. This system with a quality equal to a laboratory microscope provides a comfortable reminder of the absence of the smallest item at the production level.


Since its establishment, Electronic System has carried out a wide variety of industrial automation projects in various industries around the world over the past 35 years. Electronic System Company, in close and long-term cooperation with the leading manufacturers of tire manufacturing machines in the world, as well as a three-decade-old history in implementing industrial automation based on different machines in all world-renowned tire manufacturers on the one hand and benefiting from experience Engineers, on the other hand, ensure the best automation services in the tire industry for their customers. It is worth mentioning that all stages of engineering, software development and equipment production in Electronic System Company are performed based on the requirements and technical and control considerations considered by the customer.

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