HF mixing group The largest manufacturer of rubber mixers, consisting of the companies Harburg Freudenberger, Farrel, Pomini that currently produces the highest quality mixers with the latest technical knowledge in the world in world The company’s products are available in various types and sizes, from laboratory mixers to the largest mixers produced in the world. In addition to producing various mixers suitable for any type of customer needs, the company provides all downstream mixer equipment, including TDE, SDE systems, various types of shafts with the highest production quality. It is worth mentioning that the highly advanced ADVICE® HF control system provides the most detailed stages of the mixing process in the machines in an integrated, online manner and with the highest reporting quality.’

The types of products and services of this company can be divided as follows


Banbouri series mixers are produced with Farl company technology and also due to Pomini’s years of experience in making such mixers in the HF group. These mixers meet the special needs of multistage mixers, with excellent diffusion and dispersion quality, optimal cooling and re-rolling behavior, and finally mixing with the highest quality and maximum compliance with the specifications in all production technologies are among the most popular mixers.

Highlights of Banbouri Series:

  • useful volume of the mixer increased by using the most up-to-date and varied technology
  • Tangential Rotors.
  • Has intelligent hydraulic ROM.
  • Improving the process of applying pressure to the compound by modifying the operator end profile (Keel Bottom Weight). 
  • Optimized sealing system and use of new single point lubrication system.
  • Ability to use a variety of surface hardening systems.
  • Suitable for a variety of applications

The rotors of these mixers with Intermesh profile, provide the most suitable choice for the production of rubber mixtures in different industries with the ability to mix and distribute homogeneously all the components of the mixture and make the maximum dispersion possible. Its advanced cooling system makes all the heat-sensitive parts of the mixer that are in contact with the mixture act very effective. This type of mixer is suitable for mixtures with silica and other mixtures used in the tire industry.

Highlights of the Intermix series:

  • Use of the latest rotor profiles developed in the HF group.
  • Ability to adjust the distance between the rotors in the VIC series for different compounds according to Technology requirements and dispersion rates required.
  • Highly advanced cooling system.
  • Advanced hardening and fitting parts to the latest machines to prevent any damage in the production process.
  • Innovative and highly accurate ROM pressure control system.
  • Optimized sealing system.
  • Fast feeding capability and adjustable shear force.
  • Use of high-capacity multi-cylinder hydraulic seals.
  • Very easy to access and repair

The new tandem system has a very high ability to increase product quality as well as reduce mixing steps. By making the mixing process in two stages in one machine, this system can perform the stages of dispersion and distribution separately and in very high quality in parallel. You can also use the upper machine to produce the masterbatch and then transfer the compound to the lower machine. The lower machine has no drums and is used to complete the mixing process. Using these systems will be very economical both in terms of time and energy consumption.

Highlights of the Tandem Mixer:

  • Tandem rotors with optimized feeding behavior.
  • Ability to remove trapped air in the compound with very high accuracy.
  • Lubricant-free seals in the lower machine.
  • Possibility of adding materials to the compound in two stages.
  • Saving time and energy.

Universal mixers are widely used in various industries including rubber, plastics, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. The manufacturing technology of this product was purchased from Cooperation Company in 2013 and is now produced in different sizes and with a variety of blade profiles in HF Company. Most of these devices are used in the field of mixing compounds with medium and high viscosity.

Highlights of the Universal Series:

  • Extensive and diverse volume for production and laboratory uses.
  • Wide range of applications in various industries.
  • Advanced control and troubleshooting system to closely monitor all stages of production and make changes to the technology.
  • Possibility to adjust the blade temperature.
  • Possibility of installing blades with Sigma profile.
  • Rotor and chamber temperature control.
  • Possibility of unloading materials in various ways, including unloading by screw and installation of pelletizer.

HF laboratory mixers are a complete tool for research and development. The world’s leading manufacturing companies, relying on the technology and high quality of these mixers, which are a small but complete sample of production line mixers, research, develop and improve the quality of their products. And they have had tremendous achievements, and HF is proud of its role in this promotion.

Outstanding features of laboratory mixers:

  • ROM position indicator with very high accuracy.
  • Temperature control system with direct and indirect chamber cooling.
  • Equipped with a very high precision measuring and injection system for oil.
  • Advanced control system and the ability to access, adjust and control all parts of the mixer.
  • High hardness and precision machine parts to prevent any corrosion.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.

The latest generation of TDE machines, which uses the technology of the Italian company Pumini and combines with the high expertise of HF in the field of extrusion, has brought a modern machine to the customers. This machine is mainly used downstream of the mixing lines of tire factories and due to the optimized structure, it is a reliable part of the blending process with all the technological sensitivities considered by the manufacturers.

Highlights of the Convex series:

  • Fully automatic compound sheet production process.
  • High efficiency and production speed.
  • Safe design with all HSE update requirements.
  • Optimal temperature control of the compound.
  • Automatic cleaning capability.
  • Wide range of size and efficiency for usability downstream of all mixers.
  • Advanced hardening of all parts in contact with the compound (especially screws and rolls) to prevent any corrosion.

This device has many applications and according to the inserted head, has the ability to exit the material in the form of sheets, strips or granules, due to the use of two screws, pressure fluctuations have been prevented during the extrusion process. This device can be used downstream of the mixing process.

Outstanding features of the discharge extruder:

  • Has two screws to ensure proper nutrition of the device.
  • Possibility of production according to the design, dimensions, screw length, and temperature control system considered by the customer.
  • Ability to use the filter inline.
  • Optimal cooling system.

This machine is one of the best choices for processing temperature-sensitive compounds by using the advanced cooling system and the high level of contact of the rolls with the compound.

Full compliance with all European and international standards and the advanced control system used, along with the possibility of applying the changes desired by the customer during construction (including different stiffness of the roll surface), provide the ideal machine for use in your production line.

Highlights of the Mil Mix Series:

  • Optimal cooling paths in rolls.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the distance between the rolls.
  • Roll protection system against excessive pressure increase.
  • Ability to use ASMACOOL technology for cooling and non-adhesion.

ADVICE’s advanced system is the result of decades of HF expertise and experience in the industry and is exclusively owned by this company. it controls all mixing processes, from upstream to downstream equipment, etc. In addition to easy connection to the ERP system and the laboratory system of manufacturers, this system can add customer-specific control programs to the existing system according to technical requirements and customer conditions.

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