With more than twenty years of experience, DAM Spain offers its specialized services to customers on the design, construction, and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants, drinking water, various industrial waters, and desalination plants using the latest technologies in the world. To complete its services, the company has a department called Recycling Management, which produces waste materials in agriculture and biogas technology to produce clean energy from waste and sludge left from the treatment process using biosolid technologies. The main activities of DAM include management, implementation, and maintenance of wastewater collection systems, wastewater treatment, wastewater management, and water supply. Founded in 1995, the company has 8 branches in Spain and 7 international branches in different countries. DAM is headquartered in Valencia. The company’s annual operations are now valued at more than € 87 million and employ 927 direct employees, including 226 graduates in various technical fields.

DAM projects annually treat and manage wastewater generated by a population of 10 million and provide 93 million cubic meters of treated water to users. These projects annually use 274,000 tons of isolated sludge in agricultural fertilizer production processes, about 10% of which is converted into compost. .

The company, backed by nearly 25 years of work experience and utilizing outstanding and experienced technical personnel, has always sought to provide the best and highest quality services to its customers in the following areas:

  • Pre-treatment stations.
  • Underwater pumping stations and drainage systems.
  • Primary purification.
  • Biological treatment (sludge activation, filtration stations, two-stage processes, aerobic and anaerobic lagoons).
  • Physical-chemical treatment systems (chemical precipitation, coagulation, and coagulation).
  • Third stage treatment (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, sand filtration, disinfection, and disinfection).
  • Sludge treatment (aerobic and anaerobic digestion).
  • Recycling and management of by-products (biogas production and sludge recycling).
  • Analysis services.
  • Repair and maintenance of purification systems.

DAM Company also offers the following services to customers to develop the field of purification systems.

  • Repairs of underwater drainage systems
  • Upgrading old installed systems
  • Industrial wastewater treatment projects
  • Expansion and changes in current systems
  • Compost production project isolated from sludge
  • Recycled water projects for irrigation purposes
  • Simultaneous production of electricity and heat in the compost production process
  • Preheating the sludge using biogas heating
  • Landfill Recycling

DAM regularly informs its customers of the most up-to-date information obtained at conferences, exhibitions, and technical visits, and introduces the latest advances in technology. The company has a special focus on training customer personnel in refining units and holds technical courses in addition to the customer site, at the company’s headquarters. The main goal of the company is to meet the needs of the customer by using the highest quality and quick response to all daily problems. For this important, the following capabilities are provided at the highest possible level in the company.

  • Equipped manufacturing workshops with special machines
  • Special vehicles with various uses for project work
  • Equipped laboratories and process control equipment on a laboratory scale
  • Communication systems to control the project and follow the process
  • All equipment needed increases.
  • Advanced and up-to-date measurement tools
  • Portable pollution measurement systems

DAM is officially licensed by the Spanish government to carry out wastewater collection and treatment projects in both safe and hazardous waste. The company has carried out numerous projects in the field of compost production from isolated sludge and in this field, has obtained all environmental permits. Iranstrick Company, as the exclusive representative of reputable European companies active in the water and wastewater industry, including DAM Company, offers its services to customers in various fields by introducing the best technologies.

  • Preliminary studies, technical advice, and feasibility
  • Introduction and supply of equipment and machinery
  • Installation
  • Support and after-sales service
  • Training and updates

Services of Iranstrick Company include large-scale domestic wastewater treatment projects, modular industrial wastewater recovery systems, water transfer projects, desalination units, and simultaneous generation of electricity and heat (CHP) systems using wastewater treatment systems.

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