The rotors of these mixers with Intermesh profile, provide the most suitable choice for the production of rubber mixtures in different industries with the ability to mix and distribute homogeneously all the components of the mixture and make the maximum dispersion possible. Its advanced cooling system makes all the heat-sensitive parts of the mixer that are in contact with the mixture act very effective. This type of mixer is suitable for mixtures with silica and other mixtures used in the tire industry.

Highlights of the Intermix series:

  • Use of the latest rotor profiles developed in the HF group.
  • Ability to adjust the distance between the rotors in the VIC series for different compounds according to Technology requirements and dispersion rates required.
  • Highly advanced cooling system.
  • Advanced hardening and fitting parts to the latest machines to prevent any damage in the production process.
  • Innovative and highly accurate ROM pressure control system.
  • Optimized sealing system.
  • Fast feeding capability and adjustable shear force.
  • Use of high-capacity multi-cylinder hydraulic seals.
  • Very easy to access and repair
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