With the increasing evolution of technology and quality requirements of production, online control of production process has become inevitable that the inspection systems of Electronic System Company not only meet these requirements in the best way but also guarantee the quality of products by preventing any defects in production.

Flex Feed system is a calender power control system that provides stable and reliable information about the amount of material between the calender rolls by using infrared thermographic cameras. Different infrared radiations provide a clear picture of the calender feeding conditions regardless of the color of the material.

This system can be connected to the feeding system to equalize the amount of feed-in different parts of the roll. This system also has other advantages such as displaying the temperature distribution at the material level and a system for backing up images for one year.

Flexfeed includes some useful additional features like the temperature distribution on the surface that can help to ensure better handling on the first step of production. The system backs up continuously a simple AVI file, with one image every 2 seconds, that provides access to all monitored production 24hours a day for one year.

Flexcord system is a special scanning device, with an X-ray emitter and a linear sensor. For steel cord – rubber production, it can to monitor continuously monitor the presence of steel cords inside the rubber production for tires.

The high system resolution allows to enables the measurement of the distance between each cord and the next one, so it can give giving an immediate alarm in the case where such distance exceeds the specification.

The Scaneye system of your microscope is on the production line. Scaneye is a scanning system with one or more cameras that performs a detailed analysis of the most detailed parts of production surfaces online. This system with a quality equal to a laboratory microscope provides a comfortable reminder of the absence of the smallest item at the production level.

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