These devices have static or fixed combustion chambers (unlike the EXEC, which was a portable model) or multi-stage to eliminate low-calorific value wastes.

Technical information:

  • Working temperature is between 850 to 1100 ° C.
  • The incineration capacity is between 40 and 600 kg of waste per hour.
  • Removal of volatile organic matter (VOCs) by the post-combustion chamber.

Advantages of Excotec :

  • Fully controlled and automatic cycle
  • The lowest gas emission
  • The energy recovery system from the combustion chamber, by optimizing fuel consumption, saves high operational savings compared to conventional ovens. It can also be combined at a very low cost with other energy recovery systems for applications such as water heaters and steam generators.
  • This combustion chamber also has a secondary combustion chamber to remove contaminants. A dry depuration system can be combined with this system.
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